Best Online Bingo Strategy

More and more online casinos are adding bingo to their game categories. If you’re a bingo fan but haven’t tried it online, don’t worry, it’s the same bingo you’ve known and loved. The only difference is that with online bingo, you don’t have to look for a full house before playing. This is an advantage to most players because that part can be pretty stressful.

Bingo is usually referred to as a game of luck. Games of luck are great for giving every player equal chances of winning. So, as a new bingo player, you could win big the first time you play, depending on your luck. Though this is the case, veteran players believe that certain tricks can be used to increase their chances of winning. If you aren’t aware of any bingo strategy, we’ll help you explore a few.

These strategies don’t take away from bingo as a game of luck, but they do help to give you a better chance of winning. They are more specific to online bingo, but since it’s similar to traditional bingo, you can also use some when playing in the real world.

People are asking these questions
🔵 Can bingo be profitable?

✔️Yes, the main aim of many bingo game versions is to win. Some online versions have small prizes as you play and with others you’re playing for a jackpot prize.

🔵 What are the best online bingo strategies?

The best online bingo strategies are calculating your odds, knowing frequently called numbers and choosing the best bingo room.

🔵 Which bingo game has the highest chances of winning?

There’s a 50-ball bingo game called Best Odds Bingo (BOB). Not only does it offer higher chances of winning, but every player has equal chances of winning. Its rooms are never too packed as a maximum of 25 players are allowed, and players must have the same number of tickets.

🔵 Can you use strategy in bingo slots?

This type of bingo game leans more on luck than skills and strategies. But, do check the odds of winning, RTP and the prize.

🔵 What are the main bingo tips for beginners?

Beginners should choose a non-peak time to play, buy multiple cards, research, gain experience, budget, choose a reputable gambling site and most importantly, enjoy the game.

🔵 What are the luckiest numbers in bingo?

It depends on whether you are following the Tippett or Granville bingo strategy, but ultimately it comes down to chance.

bingo strategy logoShort History of Bingo

In the 1500s, Bingo began in Italy as the game, “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia.” It continued and became popular even among rich French men who named it “Le Lotto” around the 1700s. Moving to different parts of Europe, “Le Lotto” began changing bingo rules. It was played slightly differently each time it encountered a new group of players. It began developing and shaping towards the bingo you love today as it travelled across the regions.

best online real money bingo strategy tactic tips and tricks for beginners strategies

Still called “Le Lotto”, the game developed a version that featured 27 squares, three rows, nine columns and numbers one to 90. Also, the caller, picking a wooden number and calling it out loud, was introduced around the same time as the above features. Once players get their numbers called and covered horizontally before others, they win the game round.

In the 1900s, it moved to North America, where the name you know now developed. There it was called “beano.” The American toymaker Edwin Lowe saw it played at a carnival while travelling. The caller would call out numbers for players to see if it’s the one on their cards. If it is, a player will cover it with a bean. The first player to have beans lined up horizontally, vertically or diagonally would shout “beano!”

Edwin Lowe took it home to New York. He played it with a group of people who were so excited that when one of them won, he yelled, “bingo” instead of “beano” and it stuck. From there, the game moved from being played at home by friends to bingo halls, casinos and online gambling platforms.

bingo strategy logoBest Online Bingo Strategies

There are two popular bingo strategies: the Granville and Trippet. You can decide which is the best bingo strategy to try, as we’ll explain how they work below. Whether you’re a new or regular player, if you haven’t tried these two out, you can do so and increase your chances of winning. There are also common tips for winning online bingo, which can be very helpful for new players.

So, other than the two strategies, it can help to take some of these tips and apply them while playing your favourite game.

Lucky Numbers Bingo Strategy

Two theories have been determined as a bingo strategy you can use to increase your chances of being rewarded. Both are mainly ways to figure out the lucky numbers. For instance, if you are playing 90-ball bingo, these strategies can help you choose the numbers most likely to be called out.

Look at the two theories below and pick a lucky numbers bingo strategy that seems more realistic to you. Better yet, you can try both out and see which increases your winning chances.

Granville Bingo Strategy

The Granville bingo strategy is about choosing the right cards. The American stockbroker who developed this strategy suggests that your cards should have as many numbers as possible without repeating the same pattern. This means that the numbers should be equally split between even, odd, high and low. Overall, the numbers on your card should not have a repetition of the last digit. For instance, a card with 21, 32, 43, 54, 65 and 76 is more ideal than a card with 21, 31, 41, 52, 62 and 74.

Tippett Bingo Strategy

The Tippet bingo strategy is a more straightforward strategy by a British statistician. He suggests that players find numbers that are closer to the median. In shorter games, the numbers one to 75 are more likely to be called out. In longer games like those that require a full house, the lucky numbers are closer to 38, the middle number.

bingo strategy logoIs Bingo A Game of Chance or a Game of Skill

There have been debates among people on whether bingo is entirely a luck-based game or not. The fact that it began as a lotto game and is still considered one since you have to cross numbers and win large sums of rewards.

We cannot deny that there is an element of luck. But, here we are also discussing strategies to use when playing bingo. So, though the caller calls out random numbers, there are skills needed from a player to be able to play bingo. When thinking of a bingo strategy, these skills are incorporated.

tricks to win bingo - tips for winning online bingo

Skills for playing bingo include listening, patience, budgeting and decision-making. You have to be able to listen and pay attention to the caller when they are calling out the numbers. You also must be patient when listening to many numbers being called out because you don’t just win with one number. You must also budget before deciding how much you intend to bet when playing bingo for real money.

The main goal of bingo is for your numbers to be called so you can win, but if luck isn’t on your side, you can’t stay and play with all your money, budget and have a limit.

Lastly, you must be able to make decisions. Other than deciding where to play, there are also different versions. Then there are the number of cards to buy, among other things. This makes bingo not only a game of luck but also skills and strategies. Hence you are here trying to figure out ways to increase your chances of winning.

bingo strategy logoBingo Tips for Beginners

Various bingo tips and tricks are available for beginners to ensure that they master bingo and increase their chances of winning. Unlike a bingo strategy, these bingo tips for beginners are not necessarily applied directly to the game. Some are indirectly related to playing bingo but can help you get rewarded. Check out the six strategies below and see which will work best for you.

Choose the Best Time

Though the prize size isn’t affected by the number of players, it’s better to play when there are fewer players. When fewer people compete for the prize, your chances of winning are higher and you can apply the strategies better.

Therefore if you are available outside of peak times, try to apply a bingo strategy during those times and see if you can win. To avoid peak times means not playing on weekends or lunch times.

Pick a Good Gambling Site

Finding an excellent online casino to play real money bingo can be exciting and tiring. You may find an online casino that has all the bingo games you like but not the payment method that’s more convenient for you. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to online casinos. But, the most important of all is your safety and security. Choose a licensed online casino with excellent technologies to protect your data and funds.

Choose Multiple Cards

In online bingo, players can usually choose up to 250 cards, depending on the room. Buying multiple cards increases your chances of winning because when a number is called out, there’s a chance it’s in one of your cards. Though some online casinos make it easier for you by automatically scratching numbers for you when you have a lot of cards, we advise new players to start with fewer cards, like two to five.

Start with cards you can focus on so you can learn how the game works, then increase them gradually as time goes on.

Yes to New Friends

Online bingo features chat rooms where you can talk to other players. You’ll meet more experienced players who are more than willing to answer new player questions and assist and advise where they can. Please take advantage of these chat rooms, as they are a great way to find new bingo sites with enormous bonuses.

Research and Gain Experience

Before joining a bingo room, do some research by reading reviews. They’re also reliable for advising on excellent bonuses, strategies, good rooms to play in, and the best bingo sites to choose from. Try to obtain more experience by being patient and focusing on learning and understanding the rules before overthinking about winning.

Enjoy Yourself

Like any other casino title, bingo is a game; thus, more than anything else, it’s there to entertain you. Remember to enjoy yourself by playing for fun. After all, you’re taking time out of your day to relax. This is your free time; make the most out of it.

bingo strategy logoWhat Bingo Tactics to Use for Playing

The best advice we can give you when it comes to using a bingo strategy is to consider trying both the above-suggested methods and see which one works best for you. Also, don’t leave out the bingo tips strategies which can work better for a specific version of bingo and not so good on another.

On the other hand, quick tips are broader and also considerate of other factors such as players, the site you are playing in, and even your betting amounts. The best bingo tactic is up to you; you’ll discover the best tricks to win bingo as you play.

Best Tricks to Win Bingo

The best bingo strategy is made up of three factors. Calculating your odds of winning is easy as the number of cards being played in the game is usually shown to you in online casinos. Divide the number of cards you are playing against the number of cards being played in the entire game. If you’re playing one and the total number of cards in the game is 100, you have a 1% chance of winning the jackpot prize.

Knowing the numbers that are frequently called out at bingo doesn’t necessarily guarantee they’ll be called when you’ve picked them, but it’s worth the try. You can back up this bingo strategy by buying multiple cards and avoiding playing at peak hours. The best room has fewer participants, especially if you have a low budget. Participate in games with lower values, lower prizes and fewer players. This way, you have more chances of winning then using your prize money to buy more cards to participate in bigger jackpot games.

bingo strategy logoBingo Slots Strategy

Regarding slots, luck plays the most part in determining your fate. The same goes even for bingo slots. You place your bet, click the spin button and hope for the best. As mentioned, various versions of bingo games exist, and a bingo strategy to win may not apply to all of them. For instance, the Granville tactic may work well on 90-ball, but you may need a different bingo roulette strategy.

atlantis bingo roulette slots strategy

The bingo slots strategy is luck; play when you feel lucky enough. This makes them the best games to participate in when you are 100% in a casino for entertainment purposes. What you can look for, however, are the odds of winning the bingo slot game, the prize and the RTP percentage. In addition, we can recommend trying out bingo games from Play n Go or Relax Gaming providers.

Can Bingo Slots be Profitable

Bingo slots can be profitable to players depending on the abovementioned factors: odds, prize and RTP. If there are higher odds of winning, you have higher chances of winning. Also, unlike bingo rooms, with slots, you’re probably playing against a few other players or just the casino itself. This makes your chances of winning higher, and if the prize is more significant, good for you.

A high RTP is also a good factor because if you’re playing for a huge jackpot prize, most of the winnings come to you instead of the house. So, the best bingo strategy for bingo slots is just checking out the game before playing it and seeing what’s in it for you.

bingo strategy logoConclusion

Bingo has been around for centuries, and its origins point to it being a game of luck. The game has been developed since its introduction, from its rules to a name change. As a result, it’s not entirely a game of luck. Also, its availability on online gambling sites has given us so many different versions that some, like bingo slots, lean more on the luck side of things while others are a mixture of luck, strategy and skills.

Hence now you will come across an online bingo strategy that can work wonders in increasing your chances of winning. If you’re a new player and are worried that veteran players may have higher odds of winning than you, the strategies we’ve suggested may help you; good luck.