Deal or No Deal Bingo Sites 2024

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Here we’ll go over bingo Deal or No Deal and all the details you need to know. We’ll point you toward all the best DOND bingo sites where you can enjoy this game. Learn about the best bingo bonuses that you can receive at different bingo casinos online. This includes welcome packages as well as your deposit bonuses. Some casinos offer a bonus just for signing up. By the end of our guide, you’ll know everything you need to enjoy this exciting game.

People are asking these questions
What is Bingo Deal or No Deal❓

Bingo deal or no deal is a bingo game based on the famous TV show of the same name. Since its inception, it has been hugely popular with players.

How to play Deal or No Deal Bingo❓

DOND bingo is based on both the 90-ball and 75-ball bingo format. As the game progresses, you open the iconic red boxes from the game. At the end of the game, you have to decide whether to open your own box or take the banker’s offer.

Can you play DOND online for money❓

✔️ Of course! Many people do choose to play DOND bingo for real money. There are many other games based on the show that you can play as well.

Where can I play Bingo Deal or No Deal online❓

You can find the bingo game at many of the established bingo sites. We selected top Deal or No Deal Bingo sites 2024

Can you play DOND Bingo on mobile❓

✔️ Yes, many bingo and casino sites will offer a mobile app or mobile friendly site. In this way, you can enjoy DOND bingo and your other favourite games on the go.

deal-or-no-deal-logotypeBingo With Deal or No Deal

You’ve likely heard of the popular game show Deal or No Deal, which ran on TV for years. The show aired in both Europe and North America and was widely watched. It regularly pulled in over four million viewers.

Deal or No Deal bingo is, of course, based on the very same show. It’s no surprise that Virtue Fusion decided to make a bingo game based on the show’s popularity. It combines the classical fun of bingo with some of the main features of the game. During the game, you may get a call from the banker. Whether you take their offer or play for your chance at the jackpot is up to you.

Deal or No Deal bingo is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-known bingo games in the UK, and players still love playing it even years later.

Deal or No deal tv game

deal-or-no-deal-logotypeHow to Play Deal or No Deal Bingo?

In this section, we’ll go over all the main bingo rules of Deal or No Deal. The game is based largely on a 90-ball bingo draw. Be sure to read about 90-ball bingo for more information. The tickets and strips used in Deal or No Deal bingo will be the same. Playing bingo with money can lead to a great thrill and excitement.

Red arrowPrizes in the Game

In each bingo game, there will be a minimum price that’s guaranteed. The exact prize jackpot will depend on how many tickets have been purchased in the game. So, if more tickets are purchased, the total jackpot will be even bigger. In some of the games, the total prize amount can be rounded.

In each individual game of bingo, there will be four prizes that can be wonone line, two lines, House of Bingo, and the Deal or No Deal feature.

  • The first player to have all the numbers called that are displayed in a horizontal line on their ticket will win the one line prize.
How to play Deal or No Deal Bingo Game - Basic Rules
  • In order to win the two line prize, a player is required to have all the numbers called on two lines of the same ticket.
  • Winning the house or bingo prize requires the player to have all the numbered squares called on a ticket.
  • A player (or players) who win the Full House prize will be qualified for the Deal or No Deal feature prize. Here, they’ll be offered a deal by the infamous banker. The player can then choose to either accept the prize offered by the banker or take the prize in the box they chose at the beginning of the game. The player also has the option to swap their box for the one remaining box when the 90-ball bingo draw is completed.

Regardless of whether you have marked the numbers on your winning ticket, you’ll be a winner and receive the prize. The bingo game will identify a win automatically. All winners will be published visibly in bingo, and the Bingo Caller will also announce the winners.

It’s possible that two or more players will win or share a prize in the bingo game (one line, two lines, Full House, or the Deal or No Deal feature prize). This happens if different players have tickets that meet the requirements for the prize on the same ball. A single player is capable of winning a prize more than once too! This can only occur if the player has purchased tickets from other strips. In this instance, the cash prize will be split into equal amounts between the different winners. Winnings are then deposited into the player’s account directly.

4 prizes at DOND Bingo Sites

Red arrowJackpot in Deal or No Deal Bingo Sites

The jackpot for the game is initially funded at £10,000. Every day at around midnight, the jackpot will increase based on stakes for the previous day.

Of course, only the players with a stake in the jackpot winning game can win a share of the jackpot. There are more than one Deal or No Deal games playing at any given time, but only the players staking in the jackpot winning game are able to win a share of the jackpot. The percentage of a jackpot a player can win is based on the number of tickets they have purchased in relation to the total amount of tickets that were sold for that game.

Fifty percent of the total jackpot will be split among the winner(s) of the game. Additionally, they’ll receive a proportion of the other half of the jackpot based on the number of tickets they purchased. Even if you didn’t win the game, don’t worry. The other players still get a share of the jackpot. The other 50% of the jackpot will still be split among the other players in proportion to how many tickets each of them purchased, compared to the total number of tickets purchased for the whole game. The winnings from the jackpot will be added to each player’s account.

At the end of the bingo game, you’ll be notified of any jackpot winnings. If you haven’t received a notification of a jackpot or you didn’t have a stake in the jackpot, then it means you won’t entitled to any shares of the jackpot from the game.

Bingo Sites With Deal or No Deal Bonuses

deal-or-no-deal-logotypeBingo Sites With Deal or No Deal Bonuses

Right on our site you can find the best bingo sites 2024. We want you to be able to find the bingo site with the best bingo promotions so you can enjoy the game to the fullest. Deal or no deal bingo has proved to be an extremely popular game. There’s no shortage of websites where you can play it.

Some of the leading bingo casinos and sites where you can play deal or no deal bingo include:

williamhill-bingo-logoWilliam Hill

William Hill is a well-known casino site where you’ll find the best bingo online games. There are several great offers for new players signing up. Right now, they have a penny bingo promotion running for bingo fans. You can buy bingo tickets for cheap, up to a maximum of 120 tickets. Why not give it a look?

betfred-bingo-logotypeBetfred Bingo

Betfred Bingo is another popular bingo destination. It’s one of the best bingo online UK sites. By betting £10, you’ll get an additional £10 to use on bingo. As an extra bonus, you’ll also be awarded 100 free spins with no wagering requirements. However, all promotions are for new players only.

lucky-pants-bingo-casino-logoLuckypants Bingo

At Luckypants Bingo, you’ll find a great selection of bingo games. To make things even better, they’ve got some great promotions. Simply signing up will reward you with £5. That’s right; you get a bingo free no deposit bonus of £5 for signing up. When you do make your deposit, you’re eligible for an additional £15. It’s a great way to get started on your favourite bingo games.

Betfair-Bingo-logoBetfair Bingo

We see that Betfair Bingo has a few interesting offers happening right now. By betting £10 on bingo, you’ll get a bonus of £50. Additionally, the site also offers 30 free spins, which can be used on slot games. Betfair is no stranger to the bingo world, and the offer sounds like a good one.

kitty-bingo-logotypeKitty Bingo

Kitty Bingo has all your favourite bingo games plus a great selection of slots. By signing up today, it’s possible to get their exclusive offer. When you bet £5 on bingo, you’ll receive £25. Make sure to use their code, so you don’t miss out on the offer.

Sun_Bingo_logoSun Bingo

This popular bingo site has been in business for over a decade. It’s one of the bigger UK bingo sites. Right now, they have several bonuses that are running. By spending £5 on bingo, you’ll get another £50 bonus, plus 50 free spins. They also have a daily free bingo promotion. There are 96 free bingo games running each day. It’s a great way to play your favourite game.

deal-or-no-deal-logotypeDeal or No Deal Bingo Game Variations

Besides the Deal or No Deal bingo game we described here, there are plenty of variations of the popular game show. For one, the DOND bingo comes in both 90-ball and 75-ball versions. You’ll also find versions of bingo slot games. We’ve listed out all the major versions and variations of Deal or No Deal games:

  • Deal or No Deal Blackjack
  • Deal or No Deal Megaways
  • Deal or No Deal What’s In Your Box (Jackpot King)
  • Deal or No Deal Go All The Way
  • Deal or No Deal Double Action
  • Deal or No Deal The Perfect Play
  • Deal or No Deal The Banker’s Riches
  • Deal or No Deal Slot

It’s interesting to see how the popularity hasn’t only endured over the years but has actually grown. While the TV show is over, the game lives on. We expect even more games to be released over time.

Variations of Deal or No Deal Bingo Sites And Games

It’s not simply the brand that has made it an enduring favourite, the game is simply fun. There’s a certain thrill and excitement to the way that DOND works that isn’t duplicated by anything else. Combining the mystery box of the game show with the bingo format resulted in something hugely popular.

deal-or-no-deal-logotypeDOND Bingo Mobile Games

Many players want to know if they can play mobile phone bingo. Most of the big casino sites will offer their players a mobile app that can be downloaded. People are using mobile phones more than ever. It’s no surprise deal or no deal bingo sites 2024 are taking notice.

With the mobile app, you’ll be able to play DOND bingo or your other favourite games wherever you are. It’s good that Virtue Fusion’s software (the company behind the game) is compatible with mobile devices. Even without an app, the casino may offer a mobile version of its website.