PayPal Bingo Sites 2024

As online bingo grows in popularity, the question of how to handle the financial aspect of playing bingo for real money likewise grows in importance. There are several different methods of payment currently available. Examples include credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets. You can then break many of these methods down further. For example, one of the most common e-wallet types in use is PayPal. PayPal bingo sites 2024 are steadily increasing in popularity.

The team at Smart Bingo Guide has elected to investigate bingo sites that use PayPal, including some of the best online bingo sites 2024, to explore the benefits and downfalls of PayPal bingo games. This investigation will, by necessity, stretch across country borders and site versions.

Australian bingo played online will receive equal attention to bingo played in Canada online. Similarly, mobile and desktop versions will receive equal consideration, as will different games of bingo. All of this is, of course, in addition to the further criteria that we shall explore in greater detail at a later point in this article.

PayPal_icon_logoBingo PayPal Deposit

Depositing with PayPal for bingo is a fairly straightforward process, one that comes with a distinct set of advantages. These will be discussed in greater detail below.

Blue arrowBingo Sites With PayPal – How to Deposit

If you have experience with other forms of deposits for bingo, you’ll be glad to know that depositing with PayPal isn’t dramatically different. All you need to do is select PayPal as your chosen payment method or click on the PayPal button.

Which of these you’ll need to do will depend primarily on the website. Either way, you’ll be redirected to the official website for PayPal. The PayPal website will then ask you to supply them with your password and your email address.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be asked to confirm that you do want to deposit this amount of money. Do so, and the money will be transferred from your PayPal account to your online bingo account.

People are asking these questions
🔴 What is PayPal?

PayPal is one of the largest and oldest electronic wallets (also known as e-wallets) in existence. PayPal is a popular e-wallet, and you can use it in hundreds of different markets.

🟠 What are the pros and cons of PayPal?
  • PayPal is an easy-to-use service that offers security and reliability while maintaining a separation from the bank.
  • However, it isn’t accepted by all bingo sites and may cost you your welcome bonus.
🟡 Are PayPal bingo sites safe to use?

✔️ Yes. PayPal has very strict security policies. These policies extend to any company they partner with. Consequently, if a bingo site offers PayPal as a payment option, it’s a sign that this site is likely to be both safe and trustworthy.

🟢 Where can I find bingo sites that accept PayPal?

You can find bingo sites PayPal everywhere. PayPal is a popular e-wallet, which means that there are plenty of sites that offer this service as a payment option. Examples of sites that accept PayPal you can find in our page.

🔵 How can I deposit with PayPal in online bingo?

To deposit with PayPal, you’ll need to either click on the PayPal button or select PayPal as your preferred payment option. When you’ve done that, you’ll be redirected to the official PayPal website. You’ll need to give PayPal your email address and password. The final step will be to confirm the transaction with PayPal.

🟣 Are there any alternative payment methods to PayPal?

There are. Other payment options include (but are not limited to) credit cards, bank transfers, prepaid, and e-wallets like Skrill or iWallet.

🟤 Are there any fees when paying by PayPal in bingo?

There are two fees that you may incur through paying for bingo with PayPal. If you try to enact a cross-border transfer without basing it fully on your wallet’s balance, you’ll be required to pay a 3.4% flat fee with an extra $0.30. If you neglect to make certain that you’ve set both your bingo account and your PayPal account to your native currency, you may incur a currency conversion fee of between 3% and 4%.

PayPal_icon_logoBingo With PayPal Advantages

Using a bingo online PayPal account comes with a particular set of advantages for anyone who likes to play online bingo for real money. Some of these advantages are worth at least briefly considering here.

Blue arrowSecurity

The security and safety of PayPal are unquestionable. Over the 23 years that PayPal has existed, they have proven themselves as a completely trustworthy service, one that will take care to protect your money and information.

This is done using methods like 128-bit encryption, careful monitoring of transactions, anti-fraud security tools, and firm compliance with the Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Blue arrowReliability

Not only does PayPal rigidly adhere to the Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standard (PCI DSS), but they require all their partners to do so as well. What this means is that if a site offers PayPal as a payment option, that site is most likely one that you can safely rely on, even if it’s one of the numerous still unproven new bingo sites online.

Advantages of PayPal bingo sites online 2024

Blue arrowPopularity

Most people have at least heard of PayPal, even if they have no direct experience with using the service. That’s not a coincidence; PayPal is a well-known service. As a result, many bingo sites accept PayPal.

This popularity can be an enormous benefit since that makes it much easier to track down a bingo site that accepts PayPal.

Blue arrowSimplicity

PayPal makes it far easier to deposit money from any place online. There are no messy account details to keep track of. There are no card numbers to worry about either. You don’t need anything except for the password and username for your PayPal account.

Blue arrowFinancial Solidity

Using PayPal means that you won’t need to worry about the bank transfer fees for the straightforward reason that there are no bank transfer fees. PayPal is entirely independent of the bank, so you can keep your bingo expenses separated from your banking habits. This independence can be a great convenience at times.

Disadvantages of bingo sites with PayPal deposit

PayPal_icon_logoBingo With PayPal Deposit Disadvantages

PayPal comes with an undeniably lengthy set of strong positives to recommend their service. However, nothing in this life is completely perfect. PayPal bingo games are no exception to this rule. Therefore, it’s necessary that we take a few moments to touch on the drawbacks and pitfalls of PayPal.

Blue arrowCredit Card Ban

The credit card ban means that you won’t have the option to fund your PayPal account using your credit card. The result of this is that there’s a degree of risk that some bingo sites using PayPal might eventually lose patience and decide to refuse PayPal payments altogether.

However, this is chiefly a hypothetical risk for the moment. A bingo site would only be likely to take such a drastic step if this credit card ban proves to be too tricky for the bingo sites to regulate where it relates to PayPal.

Blue arrowNot Universally Accepted

As previously mentioned, PayPal is sufficiently well-known and well-respected that many quality bingo sites accept it. However, there are still plenty of sites that won’t accept payments or deposits through PayPal. Keep it in mind that, while PayPal is a common method of payment and deposits, it’s not yet as widespread as the use of debit cards.

Bingo sites that accept PayPal & bingo games

Blue arrowPotential Bonus Loss

There are some bingo sites that will ban players who use PayPal from receiving that site’s welcome bonus. However, this isn’t a universal practice of these sites and relatively easy to counter by checking the terms and conditions for any potential negatives to using PayPal.

PayPal_icon_logoFees and Time Frames in PayPal Bingo Sites

The good news is that, while not unheard of, it’s not at all typical for a bingo site to charge you for withdrawing victory funds from a winning ticket or for adding funds to your bingo account. Even better, you can register for a PayPal account without needing to pay a single cent.

Unfortunately, the payment platform does require you to pay specific fees if you try to perform a cross-border transfer. Even then, however, you’ll only need to pay if you attempt a cross-border transfer without entirely basing it on your wallet’s balance.

The amount you’ll be asked to pay will depend upon a couple of different factors. The most immediate of these, as previously mentioned, would be whether your PayPal bingo online deposit is entirely or partly from your PayPal account balance.

Bingo sites using PayPal fees and time frames

If it’s only partly drawn from the PayPal account, you’ll have to pay a 3.4% flat fee, which shall be accompanied by an additional $0.30.The other point that you’ll need to keep in mind is that the precise cost of a cross-border payment hinges on which exact country the bingo casino online site originates from.

Accordingly, it’s critically important to ensure that your PayPal account and your bingo account are both set up in the currency of your country. If you don’t do that, you risk having to pay somewhere between 3% and 4% for your currency to be converted to the currency used in the country the bingo site is based in.

Bingo online PayPal - iconPayPal Bingo Sites UK

Many bingo sites with PayPal are based somewhere in the United Kingdom. PayPal is a popular payment method and deposit site for online bingo enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, as it is elsewhere. Owing to this popularity, it’s worth at least briefly discussing some of the most loved PayPal bingo sites UK.

The precise reason for the popularity of these sites will, of course, vary from site to site. Some have cultivated a reputation as being among the best bingo bonus sites, while others are acknowledged as being part of an exclusive list of the best mobile bingo sites. Whatever the reasons for a site’s popularity, you can be confident that the site in question is both trustworthy and high quality.

Bingo sites that use PayPal in UK

mecca bingo logo transparentMecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo is both a bingo and slot site. This site is run by Playtech and Virtue Fusion. Mecca Bingo offers slots by such popular providers as NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and IGT. This site offers bingo enthusiasts no shortage of options, including free bingo and penny bingo.

Mecca Bingo also offers several exclusive bingo games. These range from the 50-ball multi-stake games Emojii Bingo and Burst Bingo to the 90-ball games X-Factor Bingo (which has an extra feature game) and Britain’s Got Talent Bingo (which involves extra jackpots). Other exclusive content includes hourly Mecca Links games, Mecca Premiere Jackpots, and the Best Odds Bingo (BOB) game, which will permit a maximum of 25 players.

buzz-bingo-logoBuzz Bingo

This Virtue Fusion bingo site, with a first deposit of £5, will offer a bingo bonus of 300%. Buzz Bingo offers two exclusive bingo rooms. Buzz Bingo Blast is a 36-ball bingo game with a community jackpot to be split between all of the players if—and only if—the game is won in 18 calls or less. Only one ticket is permitted per player.

The other exclusive bingo room, Value Bingo, involves 90 balls, tickets costing between 1p and 5p, and plenty of fun features like 1TG and BOGOF. Buzz Bingo also offers slot games from providers like Quickspin, Ash Gaming, and Playtech.

lucky-pants-bingo-logoLucky Pants Bingo

This Virtue Fusion site is a sister to Kitty Bingo. Lucky Pants Bingo offers a free bingo no deposit bonus, as well as free bingo and penny bingo for depositors. Since Lucky Pants Bingo shares Mecca Bingo’s bingo rooms, you can access many of the exclusive bingo games outlined above in the Mecca Bingo section with this site.

A free daily play board game entitled Stranger Things, which can get you prizes such as free spins and bonuses, is also available. There’s a range of online slot machines available from Lucky Pants Bingo from well-known and respected providers like Novomatic, WMS, and Play ‘N Go.