Different Bingo Games to Play Online

There are different bingo games to play online. This is exciting news for fans who enjoy bingo variations. This SmartBingoGuide will provide you with all you need to know about all bingo games, top bingo sites, and even mention some common rules for bingo games.

Bingo online game platforms have been available since 1996, but the bingo types are continually evolving. It appears there’s a new bingo game every couple of months. One such game is deal or no deal bingo.

To enjoy the best bingo offers online, there are certain legal requirements that you must comply with. One of the largest issues is the legal territories where the newest online bingo sites are allowed to operate. It’s recommended that you do your search to online providers within your region.

If you’re based in the United Kingdom, you can look for the best online bingo UK. Similarly, Australian players can look for bingo Australia online. Once you’ve selected a provider, be sure to check that their license is valid in your region. If you are in UK check for Gambling Commission.

If you’re a Canadian player, you should opt for a Canada bingo casino, and not register for an establishment such as bingo sites Ireland, despite the bonuses they may offer. You don’t want to land in any legal trouble for enjoying your favourite bingo and slots sites.

People are asking these questions
What are different types of bingo games❓

Bingo games are differentiated by the number of balls in the game. There are many bingo game variations, especially when you play online. The number of balls in the game can increase or decrease your winning chances. Fewer balls come with a higher winning chance. Below are the main types of bingo games:

  • 30 Ball Bingo
  • 90 Ball Bingo
  • 80 Ball Bingo
  • 75 Ball Bingo
Where to play bingo games online❓

There are plenty of bingo sites and online casinos where you can play bingo online. These igaming online platforms offer a wide range of bingo games depending on one’s personal preference.  We at SmartBingoGuide have compiled a list of the best online bingo games you can play. There are bingo games best for novice players and that are ideal for experienced bingo players.

What is the legal age of playing bingo online❓

The legal age of playing online bingo depends on your geographical location. Most of the regions around the world have the minimum age of playing online casinos as 18 years. Some countries have a minimum age of 21 years. It’s best to check your local laws with regards to playing online casino games. Also, review the terms and conditions of the online casino you will be using to play.

Is online bingo better than live bingo❓

The fun thing about bingo is that the basics of playing it are the same for online and live bingo games. There might be a few differences, merits, and demerits in the overall experience. But most bingo enthusiasts prefer playing online bingo because of its convenience.

Is playing bingo online legal❓

Playing bingo online depends on the local online gambling regulations of where you live. There’s no definite answer. Different countries have specific laws and regulations when it comes to online gambling. But most of the set rules and laws are set for the service providers (online casinos and gambling sites) and not the users. If you want a clearer understanding of the local online gambling laws, it’s best to refer to the local laws.

Which online bingo game is the best❓

Bingo is a fun game that both children and adults enjoy. There are plenty of online bingo games. It’s hard to give a definite answer to which online bingo is the best. But you can check our list of the best online bingo games on our website at SmartBingoGuide. You will explore a wide variety of online bingo games and pick the ones that suit you. You can play online bingo games on mobile apps, bingo online casinos, and official bingo sites.

Are my funds safe when playing online bingo games❓

Provided you play from our list of reputable online bingo sites and online casinos, your funds are safe. All the websites we recommend at SmartBingoGuide are trustworthy and reputable. You don’t need to worry about your funds if you play with any of our recommended online bingo sites and online casinos.

How much money should I have to start playing bingo games❓

Online bingo games require minimal first deposits if you want to play for real money. There are even online bingo games, which require no deposit, and others give you a chance to play in the demo mode. Online bingo sites which require deposits have meager deposit requirements. Online bingo games are cheap to join and play; you can place as much or as little as you want in your deposit.  We at SmartBingoGuide have recommended the best online bingo sites and online casinos with the best offers for deposits.

Can I play bingo games on my mobile phone❓

Mobile bingo games are top-rated. Many online bingo sites and online casinos now offer bingo games to play on any mobile phone. These online bingo games are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can also opt to download bingo games mobile apps. Sadly not all online bingo games have this fantastic feature. It’s best to check if your preferred online bingo game casino can be played as a mobile app or played on your mobile device.

Do I need to download any software to play online bingo game❓

If you are using a mobile app, you will need to download the bingo games mobile app. You don’t need to download any additional software if you play online bingo games via the web. Many online bingo sites and casino games are developed enough and don’t need extra software for users. Nevertheless, some online casinos and gaming websites require you to download additional software to access the full range of their online games.

Can I play online bingo games on my Mac❓

With recent developments, players using Mac devices can now play different online bingo games on their devices. The majority of online gambling sites cater to Mac users and other iOS devices. There are software programs that enhance Mac compatibility, and others offer instant online casino games that Mac users can access from any web browser.

Will I win when playing online bingo games❓

Just like any other casino game, you need to be lucky to win. Bingo is a game of luck, and you don’t need any skills or mastered strategy to play and win. The lucky winners are determined by random numbers which are called out. Everyone who plays offline and online bingo stands a chance of winning. Frequent players have their prizes to boast about. Don’t expect to make a considerable profit instantly.

Will my bingo winnings be taxed❓

Taxing of winnings from playing bingo varies from every country. Taxation of online game winnings falls under the regulations guiding online gambling. If you are worried about possible taxation, best talk to a tax expert and the customer support of the online bingo site or online casino you are using.

How long does a bingo game last❓

When playing bingo in a bingo hall, the game lasts for three to four hours with 10 to 15 rounds. The game will have intermissions for layers to relax, grab a bite and stretch their legs. With online bingo, the game is much quicker and shorter. Online bingo games use electronic draws and blotting. Players can mark 50 cards and draw 45 balls in an online bingo game within minutes.

What are the available banking options for online bingo players❓

There are different banking methods that online bingo players can deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts.  The available banking methods are:

  • Debit or credit cards (Visa/MasterCard, Maestro, American Express)
  • E-Wallets (PayPal, Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller, Ukash)
  • Bank wire/ transfer
  • Paper check
  • Clickandbuy
  • Paysafecard

However, it’s best to read the terms and conditions of your online bingo site and online casino regarding depositing and withdrawing funds. Also, it’s best to consult with your financial institution so that you are made aware of any possible charges when conducting any transaction. Also, different banking methods have different processing times. Most of these banking options make instant deposits to the players’ accounts. When it comes to withdrawing, the various banking methods have various processing times.  There are some banking options, which are not accepted by some online bingo sites and online casinos.

Bingo Ball Number 2 - RedDifferent Games of Bingo

A question you might ask is, ‘what are the different types of bingo games’? The answer seems somewhat infinite, as the casino bingo games list is extensive. Some 5-pound deposit bingo sites offer different bingo games to play online.

Some favourites, in terms of different bingo games types, include bonus bingo, go-go bingo and the 90-ball casino bingo game. Below, we describe some of the different types of bingo games to play.

Red circle with arrowDeal or No Deal 90-ball

This game’s tickets consist of three rows and nine columns, each with five numbers in it. There are four ways to win this bingo cash game. Online play allows you to win prizes for one line, multiple lines or even a feature prize.

This feature prize is the deal or no deal aspect of the game. If you win the full-house prize, the casino games bingo banker will offer you a deal. The number of boxes left in the game determines what the deal ends up being.

At this point, you can select whether to open your box or accept the banker’s offer. This is one of the best online bingo games for cash, as it offers a progressive jackpot. Once it’s won, half of the winnings are awarded to the player who got the full house, and the other half is split between the other players.

List of best & different types of bingo games to play online

Red circle with arrowGo-Go Bingo

This option is available at some of the best casino bingo online providers. This variant offers you twelve winning patterns and the opportunity to purchase nine extra balls. You get four tickets in this game, and there are 30 numbers in each round.

There are three basic rules for this game. First, you need to choose the value of each card. Next, you’ll release 30 balls, and if you wish to purchase more, you can. Each of your cards has fifteen numbers.

Red circle with arrowBonus Bingo

What makes this a popular option at different bingo games casino platforms is that it’s one of the few variants that offers up to 150 in multipliers. You win by creating one of ten pattern options on your card; your prize is directly related to the pattern that you’ve completed.

Bingo Ball Number 2 - RedBest Bingo Games Online

Now that we’ve highlighted some of the different bingo games to play online, you may ask what is the best online bingo game to play? Casino games bingo offers you the convenience of automatically scratching out relevant numbers. So you can play hundreds of tickets simultaneously.

List of casino bingo games online for cash

The number that you feel comfortable with is a matter of personal preference. Monopoly bingo is sometimes classified as the best bingo game online play. We’ll explain how it works in the section below.

Red circle with arrowMonopoly Bingo

Two classic and well-loved games are monopoly and bingo. It, therefore, makes sense that combining them results in an incredibly popular bingo game. Online play for this variant means that you get to play against others.

To start a monopoly bingo game, you need to access a bingo room at a participating provider. You then need to purchase a bingo ticket — the more cards you play, the higher the cost of a ticket.

Some features of monopoly bingo include playing multiple cards, visiting monopoly properties, collecting rewards. When you play monopoly bingo, you also get excess scratcher rewards. You can opt to play in the classic, special, tournament or high roller mode.

If you choose to play in tournament mode, you need to be aware of the timer, which determines when the game ends. If you select the classic mode, you need to select a property and fill up your collection for that property. You can select the number of cards you want to play, and then, they’ll display the winning patterns on the screen.

Best bingo game online play - Bingo Monopoly logo & game screenshot

Another aspect you can look forward to is random pop-ups that provide tips for winning. When you win, images of stars and cash flicker on the screen. You must note that even though monopoly bingo is available at multiple providers, there are slight differences in the way it’s played; this is based on the software developer of the variant you select.

Most monopoly options allow you to select sixteen cards per bingo game. Casino rules differ regarding the minimum bet. You also receive daily bonuses as a reward for playing frequently. If you want to play it for free, you can download it to your mobile phone.

Bingo Ball Number 2 - RedBingo Game Types – How to Choose Bingo Site

After reading about these different types bingo games, you might be wondering about the difference between bingo sites, game and bingo casino games. Some establishments allow you to play bingo for real money online.

Before you choose an establishment, try to ensure that they accommodate payment methods you’re comfortable with using. Most online casinos accept credit cards and wire transfers, and some even offer PayPal bingo games.

Most establishments have the security and safety aspect of their businesses covered. So, to select an appropriate bingo casino, you need to look at the differences in terms of the benefits that are offered to you.

Tips how to choose casino games bingo - golden bingo wheel

When you’re considering a site, you should first browse through the selection of games available. Your focus should be on bingo specifically. Some reputable casinos offer more than twenty different types of bingo. These include 75ball, roaring twenties bingo, and joker bingo.

Certain online gambling companies reward you for playing specific bingo games. These rewards come in the form of extra loyalty points or best bingo bonuses.

Another factor you should consider when making your choice is how easily you can navigate the site in question, and whether you can find what you’re looking for. You need to be able to toggle between the available options easily; finding appropriate games should be a simple undertaking.

The homepage should be attractive and easy on the eyes. Some online casinos also offer a search bar to make navigating more convenient. Comparing customers support options is also recommended for all players.

Try to choose a casino that has a 24-hour live chat support system so that you can receive assistance at any time. There should also be a frequently asked questions section to help you resolve minor issues.

Bingo casino games site choosing tips - Bingo cards

Bingo Ball Number 2 - RedPlay Bingo Online Games

Some other aspects to look at when deciding where to play bingo games online for cash will be discussed in this section. The most important factor is your safety. When you make transactions over the Internet, you could be vulnerable to theft, fraud and other scams.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that a provider is secure and trustworthy. Check that the company is licensed and regulated; you can also take a gander at the privacy policy, which should be at the bottom of the homepage.

This will give you an idea of the institution’s rules and its level of transparency. You’ll also have access to how your information is used and stored. Details of third-party marketing are usually also stipulated in this document.

Once your safety concerns are out of the way, you can take a look at the offered promotions. Try to select an online casino with a generous welcome bonus and a low wagering requirement. Some casinos offer loyalty programs, as well.

This allows you to climb tiers as you continue playing at the establishment. The higher tiers offer more rewards, bonus offers and exclusive privileges. You should think about these benefits if you’re planning on playing frequently.

Some casinos offer daily rewards to their loyal clients. A great starting point for finding reputable bingo sites is this site.

Best & new bingo cash game sites tips - Bingo cards

Bingo Ball Number 2 - RedNew Bingo Games

Most new bingo games are themed or modified versions of the online classics people enjoy. These generally are updated versions of 75 ball, 30 ball, 90 ball, 80 ball, four corners, outer edge, multiple row, full house, letter pattern and wine glass bingo. We will briefly discuss each of the different bingo games names below.

Red circle with arrow75 Ball Bingo

This is the most common form of bingo in the western hemisphere. It uses five rows, five columns, and the bingo card with twenty-four numbers with an empty centre square. The card numbers are sorted to be fifteen per letter across the B-I-N-G-O.

This game’s rules are easy to understand, and many new bingo varieties base gameplay on this classic.

Red circle with arrow30 Ball Bingo

This is a condensed version of the traditional 75 ball game. The card grid features three rows, three columns and nine numbers. This game is quick to play and offers gamblers a higher opportunity of winning a full house.

30 ball bingo is recommended for those that are new to the game, as it’s much simpler to understand.

Bingo game types at casino - bingo card

Red circle with arrow90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is recommended for those players who enjoy a challenge. It’s extremely popular in the United Kingdom and has been a firm favourite since the 1960s. When you play 90 ball online, you’ll randomly select bingo numbers from one to 90.

It uses a 3×5 bingo card with fifteen numbers. To win, you need to scratch until all fifteen numbers are scratched off.

Red circle with arrow80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo is also referred to as shutter bingo. This game is extremely colourful and gives you four chances at winning. It uses a 4×4 square with sixteen numbers. Each column has a different colour.

Instead of using the usual letters for calling, the numbers are identified using colour. An example might be blue 22 instead of the traditional letters. In this game, 80 balls are used, and the caller explains the winning patterns before the game commences.

Red circle with arrowFour Corners Bingo

This is an easy-to-understand version of the game. All the player needs to do is fill out the four corners on the card. This results in a win.

Almost all bingo games types list with names - Woman holding bingo cards

Red circle with arrowOuter Edge

Similarly to four corners bingo, the aim of this variation is explained in its name. You need to cross out all the numbers on the card’s outer edge or frame to be declared the winner.

Red circle with arrowMultiple Rows

In regular bingo, you only need to complete a single pattern to win. Multiple Rows is slightly more complicated.

As the name suggests, you need to achieve more than one scratched-off row to be the winner. This variant’s details are explained before it starts as it differs from one provider to the next.

Red circle with arrowFull House Bingo

This challenging game requires you to scratch off all the numbers on your card. If even one square isn’t scratched off, you’ll not be able to win.

Red circle with arrowLetter Pattern Bingo

This fun option is for those with creativity and patience. To win, you need to scratch off squares in the shape of an alphabetic letter. The letter should be clearly visible and with no missing spaces.

Different games of bingo - variations on mobile phone

Red circle with arrowWine Glass Bingo

This is another shape-oriented option. When you play this game, you have to scratch out the squares in the shape of a wine glass to win.

Bingo Ball Number 2 - RedDifferent Bingo Games on Mobile

With all the excitement regarding bingo, you may be wondering can I play bingo on a mobile phone? The answer is simple, and yes, you can enjoy a mobile bingo game. Most online providers format their games to allow you to play from multiple devices.

This is a convenient set up for those who don’t necessarily want to play from laptops or computers. Some online establishments even allow you to download a mobile application for quicker access.

Amongst these apps are some that offer no deposit bingo online. The main advantage of this is that you can play and reap the rewards from online bingo anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.